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21st Century Education and Technology

March 5, 2012

With the evolution of technology, educators suggest that this can be a major attribute to a child’s education. However, many educators believe that technology is to mature for these children. Although teachers see advances in technology, children do not. “Technology is not technology if it already existed when you were born.” There are five basic reasons why technology should be included in the twenty-first century classroom.

  1. Information technology allows learning to take place anytime and anywhere, rather than only in the classroom.
  2.  The weight of textbooks and binders are causing a significant number of back injuries. In using a laptop or other technological devise, this decreases the weight load and significantly increases the storage amount.
  3. The interaction and illustration that technology provides creates a greater depth of understanding of a concept. Technology allows teachers to demonstrate concepts much easier.  In addition, with technology, students are able to experiment themselves on their own time.
  4. By using technology, teachers are able to give students projects that require them to learn the necessary material themselves. This approach makes learning much more interesting for students.
  5. Rather than writing in a notebook for only the teacher to see, technology has enabled us to allow many others to see. This can be done by creating a blog, making a video, make a PowerPoint presentation, and record spoken words.

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